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Rigid phenolic foams in varying densities, strengths, and cell structures

Phenolic foams have the advantage of a lightweight structure with high mechanical strength, with the additional advantage of having excellent fire resistance properties. Under fire conditions, phenolic foams typically emit exceptionally low smoke or toxic gases, and the remaining carbon structure retains mechanical stability.

Our foams come in a wide range of densities and strengths and can be absorbent and non-absorbent. They are available in large blocks, sheets, or custom-made shapes and sizes. Our stringent quality control measures ensure a consistent and dependable level of product uniformity.

Ultra-Low-Density, Non-Absorbent Foams

ULD-DRY Series



Low-Density, Absorbent Foams

LD-ABS Series

Low-Density, Non-Absorbent Foams

LD-DRY Series

Medium-Density, Non-Absorbent Foams

MD-DRY Series

High-Density, Non-Absorbent Foams

HD-DRY Series

Range of Absorbent Products

Absorbent Products Line

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